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We create experiences designed to make you

Campaigns that excite the senses.


Well executed experiential campaigns employ the power of smell to gain people’s interest and increase dwell time. As they are closely related, any taste based activity should pay particular attention to smell as well.


Well executed experiential campaigns often use the power of sight to amplify and build attention, and then use the other senses to build engagement. Research shows that visual images are more compelling when matched with a second sense.


Well executed experiential campaigns incorporate the power of touch be in rough materials, weight, softness, temperature or comfort of the product and like a handshake, touch cements trust.


Well executed experiential campaigns use the sense of taste to create a holistic brand experience. Taste taps into consumers’ emotional state to build mood, brand perception and engagement.


Well executed experiential campaigns use the power of hearing to tap into consumer emotion. When matched well, sound reinforces key brand messages in the customer’s memory.

We bring any idea to life by stirring the senses.

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5iveSenses are experts in experiential marketing and brand activations. We work with hundreds of brands and services to develop wow-factor campaigns that are memorable and game-changing!


Whatever your objective is, we’ll provide the avenue and expertise to get it to the right market.


We create live brand experiences that evoke the senses and connect emotionally with consumers.


At 5iveSenses, we understand how to fully integrate your brands current messaging and bring it to life.

Check out some of our memorable experiential campaigns.

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Smell ya later.

75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell. Unlock the power of positive memory recall by tapping into the audiences sense of smell.

Humans are visual learners.

83% of human learning occurs visually.
We make sure your audience sees your brand and your message clearly.

Serotonin on tap.

A pleasant touch releases a hormone that promotes feelings of well-being and calm, and a positive tactile experience can increase your mood by 29%.

Taste drives emotion and evolution.

A positive taste can increase our mood by 23%. It leaves a long lasting impression, so we aim to make it a good one.

Evoke responses through sound.

Our mood is improved by 65% if we hear sounds we enjoy. Our campaigns aim to bring joy to your audience for an experience they won’t forget.

Want to make your audience feel something?