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It all comes down to them.

Words by Sam Benson

Here at 5iveSenses we recognise the ability for audiences to relate to Brand Ambassadors being a key driving factor in the overall success of your experiential campaign. It is vital that the brand ambassador team understand and have an interest in the message they’re communicating to consumers whilst in the field.

At 5iveSenses, your Ambassador team will be hand selected from our national network based on their key personality attributes, alignment with your brand and relatability to your target market. Our crew of over 500 include actors, students, parents, chefs, sports people, makeup specialists, IT gurus, retirees and everybody in-between. 

Once the team has been selected, a face to face session is held to cover brand training and overall expectations. This session allows the staff to ask questions, conduct role-plays and experience the product and activation first hand.

They will then be further equipped to hold an informative conversation, in addition to being approachable in nature and clear in communication.

Once the campaign is live, the team receive weekly newsletters communicating updates and addressing questions which may have been raised. The team also participates in a ‘refresher course’ for campaigns of longer duration. 5iveSenses ‘refresher courses’ are all conducted online where elements of the original training session are tested to ensure the team are as ‘fresh’ after two months as they were from campaign kick-off.

Rest assured knowing that your product and brand are in the right hands, reaching the right consumer’s thanks to your hand selected, 5iveSenses Brand Ambassador team.

It’s as we say, it all comes down to Brand Ambassadors being passionate about your brand and your objectives.

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