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As lockdown restrictions ease in most states (sorry Melbourne!), many of us have scrambled to make reservations at our favourite restaurants. Given the current limitations and C-19 restrictions, this has become an arduous task.

Thinking about the restaurants that you have recently booked (or tried to book), were you lured to them by an advert? Perhaps. But more than likely, you have an affiliation with that restaurant due to a previous experience or personal recommendation (word-of-mouth).

We are exposed to an estimated 5,000 adverts per day. Ask yourself, how many ads have stopped you in your tracks and evoked an emotion? Even a slight smile?

Considering your brand, which marketing communication channels are driving customers to spread word-of-mouth & are you bringing your message to life in a tangible, visceral way that people can experience in the real world?

At 5iveSenses, we know true ‘Experience Brands’ who engage their target audience are creating brand evangelists.

This is because events and activations provide an opportunity for a sensory experience and give the customer the chance to see, smell, taste, hear and feel what your brand is all about.

PS: The next time you are in Rozelle, you must try ‘Le Coq Rotisserie’… Their crispy smoked duck is to die for!

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