5iveSenses brief was to encourage new users to take the Flora ProActiv 3-week challenge, to help drive better health awareness & improve Flora’s in-store sales.


With coronary heart disease a leading cause of death in Australia, we were determined to make a healthy impact – on cholesterol and Flora ProActiv turnover.

Distributing hundreds of Flora ProActiv starter kits was the goal. We devised in-store activation to be driven by successful, real-life stories that connected seamlessly with Flora’s ‘real people’ TVC campaign.

For an experiential campaign around personal health, we knew that sharing first-hand stories was the best way to connect with consumers. So we spoke to our pool of trusted Brand Ambassadors (BAs), in the demographic that historically struggles with high cholesterol, and invited them to take the 3-week challenge.


Once we had our team, and some amazing success stories to share, we were good to go.


After a short trial to see which worked best out of fixed, bannered and roaming sample distribution, we decided upon roving usherette BAs within Coles and Woolworths.

Hitting the brief, and the senses!


Dressed in bright orange uniforms that colour-matched Flora ProActiv packaging, the most inviting visual aspect was a big hand-drawn number on a front panel of each BAs shirt. It was their new, personal cholesterol reading – an improved reading since having taken the challenge. This was the truth of the story and pivotal to this campaign’s success.

Every BAs also carried a bright green usherette-style tray that was slung over their shoulders. Decked out in large custom font, it announced, “Get your Cholesterol-lowering Starter Kit”.

Being allowed to roam, our usherettes could always follow store traffic, placing themselves in the highest footfall areas throughout the sessions.


With BAs proudly displaying their improved cholesterol numbers on their shirts, conversation immediately opened up with inquisitive questions from consumers or as an easy conversation starter from a BAs about their own successful 3-week challenge.

Product education was an important request from our client, i.e.: how else can consumers use Flora ProActiv if not on toast? Our BAs shared their first-hand experiences on using Flora ProActiv in cooking and baking while also answering numerous  and varied questions from shoppers.


Touch is the sense that ‘brought this activation home’. The Flora ProActiv Cholesterol-lowering Starter Kits were free. Receiving one presented the recipient with a task to undertake the moment they unpacked their shopping, along with the promise of undeniable data, sourced by the recipient themselves.

The kits were small enough to pop into a basket or trolley as shoppers made their way around the stores.

Inside each kit, consumers received:

  • A cholesterol lowering guide
  • Delicious recipes
  • A 3-week challenge diary and tracker
  • 30% off Flora ProActiv 250gm spread
  • A magnetic shopping list (Woolworths only)
Results/Wrap Up

82,341 starter kits were distributed in Coles and Woolies and independent stores, over one week, with a 30% conversion rate for sales.

Sure, we’re all about stimulated senses but in this massive campaign one other human trait stood out as a major campaign driver. Empathy. Responsiveness to the malaise of high cholesterol. We all know about high cholesterol but many of us don’t know how to recognise or deal with it. Our Flora ProActiv campaign gave answers to this major health problem, which in turn saw an excellent product increase its sales.


Store staff feedback testified to customers not only receiving the activation positively, but of them having an obvious increased engagement with the product.


This is definitely one of the best feel-good moments of 5iveSenses experiential life and that’s saying something considering how much we love what we do!