With Abbott’s Village Bakery’s newest addition, we had to create a slice of fruit loaf legend by smothering this launch campaign with toasted buttery goodness and exceptional taste sampling figures on top.


Our client’s essential touch points were:
  • to be eye-catching and prominent
  • to compel consumers to enthusiastically try the product, then and there
  • to inspire participants to talk about the experience
  • to tie the activation in with the current TVC

Hitting the brief, and the senses!


Giant-sized apple, pear and apricot stands, dreamed and developed by 5iveSenses, conveyed the message of the main ingredients while the serving bench within each stand was a toast-shaped cut-out. To really nail the healthy ingredient message, we created a market-garden appeal by surrounding the stands with basket upon basket of fresh fruit.

Once consumers had their hot, delicious sample of Abbott’s Village Bakery Fruit Loaf in hand, they could move to an inviting outdoor dining area within the stands.


A complimentary buttery treat in one hand and a free, fresh coffee in the other? It’s a moment to remember!


The key to making this sense the winner was to deliver the sample, hot and crunchy. We toasted on-site, applying enough butter to enhance the fruity flavour while teaming it with a quality roasted coffee. Strict hygiene measures were in place even though the activation was well before the days of a pandemic.


To many, many noses the captivating aroma of fruit toast is impossible to resist. This was obviously the case with consumers following the toasty, fruity bouquet – and the obviously growing word of mouth – with queues for Abbott’s Village Bakery Fruit Loaf lasting throughout the day.

Results/Wrap Up

The consumer response was overwhelmingly in our client’s favour, or should we say ‘flavour’, with a total of 26,030 samples handed out across only 4 activation days. That’s a lot of loaves, butter and coffee!


To top it all off, subsequent research announced this activation a clear winner, showing a very healthy sample-to-adoption rate.

A total of 26,030 samples were distributed across 4 activation days.
The consumer response was overwhelmingly positive.
Sales exceeded Abbott’s Village Bakery’s estimates and subsequent research tracked a very high sample-to-adoption rate.
Overall, this activation was experienced by a whopping 96,000 consumers.