The makers of Doritos approached the cracker experiential team at 5iveSenses with one request: break through the advertising din so that the new Doritos Cracker range got the attention – and sales – that the great taste deserved.


So we took their directive literally, donning our work gear to create an award-winning campaign that was impossible to ignore.

Hitting the brief, and the senses!


Sight was the sense that this campaign hinged upon. We had to get passing consumers to cut a detour to us during their shopping mission. So we brought in the heavy machinery – a Ford Ranger – and wrapped it, head to toe, in Doritos Crackers signage.

This amazing mobile advertising beacon was used in guerrilla sampling around Sydney and Melbourne. We even created a mega replica product box which sat atop the Doritos Cracker ute!

All Brand Ambassadors, either with the ute or in the malls, were dressed in branded high-vis and hard hats. Not only attention-grabbing, they put the finishing touches to the cohesive look and feel of the campaign.

In mall stand sites were placed in close proximity to Coles and/or Woolworths. Surrounding them in great numbers were boxes of the product. You. Could. Not. Miss. Us.


Taste was the hook and the reward. We needed to make sure that every single person who was drawn to us with the promise of hard-hitting flavour, got a more than satisfying sample. We ensured we always had back-up stock on hand so that there was plenty to go around of the two Doritos Cracker flavours on offer.

Results/Wrap Up

Our Doritos Cracker experiential campaign was a celebrated success.

Activation in 5 Australian states
Almost 116,000 In-Mall samples
Exceeded targets of In-Store samples
Thousands of kilometres travelled in the Drive campaign

PANZies Best in Class Award

5iveSenses was awarded ‘Best in Class’ at the PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand PANZies Awards for the “…seamlessly integrated multiple sampling campaign which achieved great results across the board!”